This reference is a summary of the F# Language taken from Microsoft docs.

Referenced from Microsoft Language Reference.

A few other sources were used where additional clarity was required.

It's meant to serve as a broad overview of the language and although every effort has been made to cover all language features, details have been kept light (e.g. type definitions have been omitted). Please see the original reference for full descriptions.

The format

This summary tries to cover all the language concepts without repeating content and explanations. It's also written in a compilable format to ensure all example code runs without errors. It also attempts to put more emphasis on functional concepts. It is somewhat opinionated, attempting to give a single, idiomatic way rather than too many options.

Road map

More updates are coming and guides will be added to cover topics such as functional programming and testing as well as a searchable core library reference.

Comments are also planned.

F# Version

All examples run on version 4.7 but will be updated as new versions are released.

Issues, Help, Comms, Development

This site is a work in progress. Comments, suggestions or corrections are most welcome.

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